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This is a picture of multiple turtles crawling on the rocks.
This is a picture of multiple turtles crawling on the rocks.

Spiritual Care at Intermountain Hospice

Spiritual Caregivers

The experience of dying is a sacred time with special opportunities. It is a spiritual and emotional process well as a physical one.

We understand that a person's spiritualitv mav be strongly rooted in a particular religious tradition, or it mav be experienced apan from any religion. We honor all religious traditions, as well as the great variety of other ways in which we as people experience our spiritual lives.

Some examples of spiritual support include:

Sharing stories from life.
Exploring what gives life meaning.
Finding what brings comfort, strength and peace.
Resolving unfinished business with familv and friends.
Sharing inspirational readings, singing or enjoying music that nurtures the soul.

We also offer:

Faith-based support respectful of and consistent with your beliefs.
Silent and/or prayerfrll companionship at the bedside.

You can guide us as to what you or others close to you desire. Whether you would like a one-time visit, or ongoing companionship spiritual care is avúble at any time during your hospice experience. Please contact Intemountain Hospice to arrange a visit.

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