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This is a picture of two people talking.
This is a picture of two people talking.

Hospice Grief Support

At Intermountain Hospice, we understand that grief is a journey. The goal of our Bereavement Program is to help guide you along this journey and support you as you learn how to adjust to life without your loved one. We know that grief can be long, lonely and overwhelming at times. Intermountain Hospice is committed to supporting you during your journey of grief and loss. Whether you are a surviving loved one of a hospice patient or a member of the community, our services are designed to address your unique grief needs.

Who can Benefit?

Any family member, partner, friend, or caregiver of a hospice patient may ask for all hospice bereavement services.


Person to Person support: “photo

We are available for counseling, companionship, or conversation--whether in person or by phone, from the time of death to a year after your loved one's death. A personal visit request begins with a simple phone call.

Memorial Services:

Intermountain Hospice offers a Celebration of Remembrance that is held during the Holiday Season. We focus on remembering the meaning, purpose and impact of your loved one's life, regardless of religious affiliation.

Grief Support Group:

What we will do is provide a safe, confidential environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life. You will hear from others that are in different stages of their own grief journey.